When I met Frank the second time

When I met Frank the second time

“In the 1970s and 80s, I was the Schaeffer version of a Far Right Franklin Graham-type of harsh and absolutist self-reinforcing extremist. The more doubts I had the farther to the Right I moved ideologically, as if shouting loudly and angrily enough could solve my problem. What was my “problem?” Simple, it boiled down to two issues. 1) My nagging questions about why THE BOOK (the Bible) I was trying to literally believe (and convince others to believe) didn’t match reality. 2) Why were the sorts of people I actually liked being with — my gay acquaintances in the movie business, secularists who’d liked my art, other “non-Christian” artists, lapsed Jews, assorted agnostics and/or the “Wrong” sort of Liberal Christians (even some Democrats!) — counted as “The Enemy,” while the True Believers with Correct Views on everything from the Book of Genesis to who to vote for, were so often mean-spirited Village Idiots that I’d rather be shot than hang out with?” – Frank Schaeffer in a www.huffingtonpost.com article

I came across this post which led me to further research Frank Schaeffer.  You see, Frank was instrumental in my thinking when I heard him speak at a Crisis Pregnancy banquet back in the early 90’s.  His influence had more to do with my relationship with the world than the abortion issue directly.  Well, through my research, I discovered a “new” Frank, and it was of interest.

I discovered a man who thinks much like myself (in some ways!), but who also doesn’t appear to understand the person of Jesus.  He does not appear to grasp the concept of a personal relationship with Christ.  He does not appear to fully understand the purpose of the cross.  He does not appear to understand this:

My deprecation to the church
You cannot talk about increase and prosperity in God
without talking about the ministry of Jesus;
and you cannot talk about the ministry of Jesus
without talking about His love for the whores and losers.
It is undoubtedly what we reject as lost;
what we view as dirty and leaden;
what we profane.
When what we see is only evidence that we do not fully understand
the calling of Jesus – that what lies beneath is in need of God.”

But despite all of Frank’s shortcomings, he is closer to the truth than most of the “Christians” in this world today.  Today’s Christians often miss the mark due to their ignorance of Christ’s very journey, and rather than speaking the truth in love, they attempt to defend their religion in Pharisaical form.  I say to those Christians, “Give self-righteousness a break.”  Show Frank the Jesus of the Bible, rather than prove him right.


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