When a man is an island

When a man is an island

If I understand this expression correctly, the reference is to being alone for something – anything. You can be alone in an idea, a project, a mission – maybe all of the aforementioned – but the principle is that you are alone. Welcome to filmmaking.

I should regress. Being an island does not make production easier, better, or right; on the contrary, productions push excellence only when the “I” is removed from “iteam”. Yet, time and again, I witness efforts to produce content in isolation. Not that the “island” is truly alone, but that that “island” chooses not to elicit the baseline support necessary to produce the best possible product. It is fear, control issues, or simply not being able to find the support. Honestly, I think the last one is the key.

There are not enough properly trained producers in my area – and I’m only speaking of MY area. In my neck of thick crowded woodlands there are many production challenges, to include poorly trained (if at all) producers. There are those anxious to learn, obtain and grow, but challenged by the lack of opportunity and support; they are willing, so it seems possible to reach my goal of working on a peninsula or something. And although willing, even if they are trained, how do we achieve bringing so many islands together to form a land mass?

A commitment to merging proficient resources is paradigm if we are to accomplish ANYTHING of value. Lasting products, sustainable income, and community growth depends on the MANY working together as ONE.


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