Trying to finish in order to start

Trying to finish in order to start

Why is it that trying to start something new requires finishing everything else?  For me, the so easily distractable one, anything left that needs attending will pull my focus away from the new task I have chosen; thereby, creating the shotgun effect of trying to hit everything, but managing only to do a little damage in the wake of the blast.  What I really need is to not allow other things to remain undone, or not to start something new when I haven’t yet completed other tasks.  If I stick to that first item, complete it, then move on, I have managed to stay ahead of the “fall behind” game.

Maybe my real fault is that I’m bad at finishing.  If I could master the art of finishing what I started, maybe I wouldn’t be tempted to start something new ahead of myself.  Tackling one project after the other sounds like a better plan.  Then again, some projects hit dry spots, where things take time and I’d end up sitting around waiting, burning precious “do” time for other projects.  Of course, that gets me back into the “start-finish” cycle, even while supporting productivity.

See what plagues me?!  It’s a wonder I accomplish anything at all.


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