Thoughtful Intention versus Selfish Ambition

Thoughtful Intention versus Selfish Ambition

“Do unto others…” Golden Rule my ass. If this is the Golden Rule, then we’re paupers in a land of riches. Why? Because we either serve out of guilt or serve to gain. Am I wrong?

Perhaps I am wrong. Still, I deal with more people that are self-focused than those who selfishly pour out themselves for others — and I am often guilty of the same. But why do we chose such a self-centered journey? I think the answer is clear. I think we simply fear that giving to others, for others, leaves us exposed and potentially a target for others to build up themselves.

So what would happen if we all started serving one another, building each other up, like we want to be built up by others? Would we turn the tide of selfish pursuit, seeing a greater benefit in giving than taking? Would we truly begin to “do unto others as we would have them do unto us”?

We won’t know the outcome till we start something new.


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