The “puppet” MTV

The “puppet” MTV

MTV released a new TV show – Skins – which, according to reviews and the website, is nothing but trash. Shamefully, trash is what people watch. So despite the outcry by parent groups, religious groups, and others, Skins will make its run and make its money, therein, encouraging others to follow.

I have 8 children, ages 18-8, and as sad as this type of show is, I fear not, because I have raised my children with healthy moral boundaries and good character. I do, however, fear for those teens whose parents don’t/didn’t instill the same. There will always be this type of sordid programming with an expressed agenda to drive purposeless meaning into children (and dare I say, even adults), and the only weapon against the machine is an offensive upbringing.

I expect nothing better from MTV, because frankly, they don’t have the guts to create anything of value. “Sell out and sell yourself short” is the moral compass of so many entertainment groups out there today. What’s equally sad, is that those with means and opportunity to create something better, often botch it for fear that profit won’t follow.

I say live and love, training our children to see programming like Skins for what it really is. They will one day make a personal choice to follow culture or Christ – give them a head start and a solid foundation.


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