The journey toward discovering where we belong

The journey toward discovering where we belong

Today I came across a Facebook page of an old friend, and something about the way I believed changed. It felt revelatory, but perhaps it was actually out of compassion, or empathy, that my paradigm shifted. No matter, what I believe was challenged with what might actually be.

Life’s journey can be one of predictability – or at least in theory. Sure, no one can tell the future (save the crystal ball gypsy), but with some praying and planning, it’s possible to plot points, milestones, in a half-hearted attempt to move forward in the direction YOU desire to take. Feel no shame here, for the Bible says something about “man plan(ing) the way, yet God direct(ing) his step” – the idea is that we should make those plans, then trust the Lord to straighten them out. Herein lies my shifting paradigm.

I have wanted, perhaps, to believe that the shortest distance is a straight line – and even Solomon speaks of God making the crooked road straight – yet I wonder, maybe the “straight” he speaks of is not a linear approach comprehended by our own understanding. Maybe, the straight road winds through life’s ups and down, joys and sorrows, to find us closer to Him – ‘straight’, as in, straight toward Him. That monkey-wrenches my carnal understanding. And bravo!

In my confession, I have always been hard on others who tarry through difficult times, citing “victory through the Blood” and other such truth; however, we don’t all walk the linear road. Whereas, I am hard-lined to follow what I believe to be “the right way”, and arguably I can stand my ground, the reality is that Christ brings us ‘straight’ to Him through a myriad of personal journeys. I think I understand better now.


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