The blurring line

The blurring line

As I have engaged in business, for myself, and attempted to navigate the sea of social media, I often get confused as to where I stand as Alexander Films and where I stand as Marc A Hutchins. In truth, the two are the same…and the two are different. I mean, I am my company, but there is so much more to me than Alexander Films alone.

The challenge for me is in determining where I put my time. As I have come to believe, both Marc A Hutchins and Alexander Films are both marketable commodities. My rationale behind this thinking is that production professionals market themselves when looking for work – as a DP, as a makeup artist, as a location scout, as writer, direct, producer, etc. However, having a business means riding that horse. Yet for me, as with others, I am my business, sole ownership, big kahuna in charge of operations and bringing in the cheese. For that business to succeed, I need to feed it into social media wizardry, casting that winning spell and turning my little ‘ole bitty project into a financial powerhouse (or something like that). But all that feeding, and pampering, and web-changing time is taxing on my…well, time.

Stepping back a month or two, I decided that I wanted to return my web presence to the video-based, fun site that I originally envisioned. I did this, inspired by others who are their company – writer, director, and producer – attached to a business image, in an effort to redesign my virtual impression. I want people to see my work, love it or hate it, and know what I am about. Yet, I want my audience, viewers and stalkers to also know me. Because who I am says something about my work ethics and character, I deem it necessary to share the whole picture. Plus, I think I have something to offer. I mean, don’t we all, running around revealing our last meal, favorite movie, latest relational status, phobias, and philosophy. This social media craze is just that at times – crazy – but it also helps the guy with a vision see his dream come to life.

So as a result of the blurring line, I have linked this personal blog from my Alexander Films website, and this site links to my business site. I have always used Twitter as business, and I have done away with my Alexander Films FB efforts, continuing to network through my personal FB page. I use Vimeo as my main video outlet, while trying to do more with Youtube as I start cranking out the shorts. Synergistic social media is my ticket to reaching the world; melting so many social media opportunities into fewer channels is my ticket to saving time.


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