Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning

Won’t happen – no time. Seriously, I am behind the curve with little to no hope that I’ll make the grade to top the curve before summer is upon us. And for 2 reasons (one of which I haven’t figured out yet): clutter.

Clutter has been a big part of my life for 30 years plus. It all started off when I would hold on to most everything I came across that was unique or different – as in, everything – because as we all know, no 2 things are alike. I would clutter my desktop, dresser top, TV top, table top, bed, floor, closet, drawers (not the ones I was wearing), and pockets with cool stuff. “Pockets? How sad,” you say, and rightfully so. As a sixth grader I remember carrying around about 6-8 different items per front jean pocket: toys, nail clippers, game tokens, folded paper, whatever. My pockets would bulge, and the items would stab my legs.

Clutter only got worse over the years as I felt the need to own things – stuff – lots of it. And I felt the need to give my kids things – stuff – lots of it. Ridiculous, but habitual all the same. Had it not been for my wife, the “thinner”, I would have been overrun. My wife has been my lifesaver, calling me out. She has pampered me back to a sane state, where my clutter didn’t push me out of the house all together. She has protected our children from the habit of clutter. And I thank her.

Today, however, I still struggle to let go of stuff I am desperate to keep, but inexcusably so. I want so bad to spring clean, to eliminate my distractions. I want freedom from things that hold me in order to lay hold of the thing I truly long for – freedom.


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