Paying the piper

Paying the piper

What does this mean? Is this from the rhyme of the piper who plays the instrument and gets the mice out of town (is that even right – I hardly remember my nursery rhymes)? If so, then I assume the Piper wanted some compensation for his services – who wouldn’t, especially being chased by a bunch of mice? I know I’d pay him – royally.

These principles works for much of what we do each day, yet I’m surprised time and again to discover that few folks are willing to pay the price for opportunity. Oh, they want it – opportunity, that is – but ask them if they applied themselves to earn it…well, that is another story.

Many a folk simply believe they are naturals, born with a “gift”, but few truly are. Rather, they bestow knowledge on themselves, anointing themselves with wisdom, and believe they can make it on what they currently posses. They write their own way.

So why not make the investment in self-education? Why not delve into a book or something? A Youtube video? Ask a friend – the educated one? When did seeking knowledge become overkill? I’d like to witness a little more homework and a lot less birthright.


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