Parental rights

Parental rights

It’s not what you’re thinking. The parental right I’m referring to is the right to be alone with my spouse. Freedom from the demands of pressingly needy children, freedom from the weight of conflict management, and freedom from moody, oppressive behavior – all passion killers. Don’t misunderstand – I love my children, all eight of them, but time alone with my wife, focusing solely on the joy of spending time with her – well, that is my parental right.

I know couples, with kids, who never part from their offspring; they will never be away for even a single night alone. Kids dominate their schedules, their family time, and their personal space. They give all to the children, with little (if any) left for each other. They grow apart as they grow closer to the kids. What are they thinking?!

Honestly, my kids will leave me one day; abandon me for a spouse, or career – probably both. They will have a life. If I don’t maintain a sane, healthy balance between being Dad and being a Lover, where will that leave me? Who will be there for me once the children are gone? It’s a sad truth that many a couples are estranged finding themselves in an empty nest. It’s no surprise that infidelity finds common practice in child-centered homes, often leading to divorce. Yet I know that my parental rights protect the beauty of my marriage to the woman that preceded my children, and will be there when they are gone.


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