Not to be determined

Not to be determined

Life is ever evolving, ever moving, ever fading — the ebb and flow. Here today — gone tomorrow. Like a vapor. Hold on, right? It’s fast, and furious, and ready to leave you standing naked and alone.

Makes you want to lay it out like a timeline, plot each major point, measure each benchmark, re-evaluate at each junction. The idea that you might miss it makes you want to be sure you don’t. If you blink, Lord forbid, it’s gone. Crap.

Take a breath. Truly, if you were to ask Jesus, He would tell you, “Yes, just a vapor, but don’t let that get you down.” Although it’s a passing fancy, every day means something — to you, to others, to the Lord. Everyday holds beauty and treasure, so much more than you could imagine. What you do with your life — a vapor it may be — weighs into the everlasting. Your life matters. You matter.

Carpe Diem is less “seize” the day, and more “pluck” the day. The idea is to grab hold of the day at the right time, paying less attention to what lies in the future — the uncertain and unknown tomorrow. “Enjoy” the day might be a better translation still. And a reminder that nothing you think you understand can be determined anyway. Go, live.


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