New direction, then a new direction, then a new direction

New direction, then a new direction, then a new direction

Diving into full-time production, not commercial work, but bona fide “film” and broadcast production, it’s really hard to know where I should place my eggs – as in, which basket. Although I’ve never understood that phrase, I do understand that it means to limit my portfolio investment, giving particular attention to one area, or project. Should it be a feature? How about a sitcom? Perhaps something like a short film – easier to self-produce and a good way to build a portfolio while honing my craft. The possibilities may not be endless, but they are varied nonetheless.

When picking a project, I try to go with a gut feeling. Which project is burning inside me, grabbing hold of my soul, and screaming for attention? No, that won’t work – every project begs for my attention. Why not settle for the most profitable? Nah, too hard to call. How about the one that cost the least to produce? That makes sense, but am I truly driven to see that project through? How about settling for the one that’s actually written; well, or rewritten, or needs to be rewritten? That just seems to take me back to square one. Crap.

Of all my aimless and misguided – or so it seems – ambitions, I know that the efforts toward each project (although, at times, merely a nibble) payoff in the greater scheme of things to come. I believe firmly that experience is education. Still, the need to complete, to see that one project through, is a great yearning that time alone will never satisfy.

My solemn promise, as this blog is my testimony (and can be deleted), I will accomplish a script, a short film, or a sitcom before the summer is out.


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