New chapter in life… and it’s a doozy

New chapter in life… and it’s a doozy

Summer 2017 begins a new chapter in my life, a time of tremendous, anticipated change that takes the family on an adventure across the country.

I’ll complete my film production MFA this coming June (from Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL), book it back to Blue Ridge, VA, to start home repairs and improvements at the same time we are packing and cleaning up 17 years of life in one location. We are moving out of a 4200 sqft home on 2 acres, into something like a condo. It’ll be like squeezing an elephant into spandex if we don’t pare down and get rid of 60% of what we own, if not more. We’ll be on the clock because I have to report in on August 1st to my new job, teaching film production at San Diego Christian College.

This “little” adventure takes me back to all the many — and I mean MANY — times we would move from place to place as I was growing up. I didn’t have military parents, just parents that couldn’t settle, and a mom that was twice as restless once my parent’s divorced (when I was 11 years old). We never stayed one place for more than a year, and would likely move every 6 months. I didn’t own a lot — couldn’t own a lot — and was always ready for the next big jump. Granted, it was never across country, and often within the same city (or neighboring state), so the change wasn’t geographically drastic; however, change is change and it kept me unsettled — literally.

What I think about most during this upcoming move is my wife and children. We’ll be leaving 4 young adult children (2 married) on the east coast, dragging 4 younger girls with us. Of the 4 coming with us, 3 express resistance — a feeling I commonly shared as a kid. As for my wife, being pulled away from the ones we leave behind is a hard sell. Again, I empathize more than anyone knows.

Still, this is a move that I believe is orchestrated by God. I believe He set the wheels of change in motion over a year ago, when the “calling” to earn my MFA for future opportunities was loud and clear. I believe He knew what we didn’t see coming, preparing us for this adventure. And I know my wife believes this as well. And it’s because we are both willing to go where the Lord leads that we know things will work according to His plan. That’s all the peace we need to tackle the road ahead.


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