“My bottle, my bottle…”

“My bottle, my bottle…”

The following excerpt was taking from a Facebook post on the subject of Christians drinking alcohol. I was mildly involved until one gal chimed in with her “holier than though” idiot remarks and showed close-mindedness and ignorance on the highest level.

NOTE: my good buddy and colleague, Andrew, and I were traveling from L.A. to Vegas for a conference, and on the way we listened to a Baptist preacher (on CD) rant about alcohol and sin — it was entertaining. Andrew initiated the post following that trip.


“Oh boy, Andrew, way to stir the vat; and after our hour-long CD sermon and talk on the way to Vegas (let’s see how many folks miss-read that statement). So, here it goes…

The Lord made that pot plant also, and tobacco leaves, and gave minds to the men that fashioned weapons — even in the Bible days — to kill one another. Shoot, the Lord even put to death, or gave orders to slaughter, many a man, woman, child, and animal. The Lord’s just crazy sometimes, but He knows way better than you and I what He’s doing. Strong mockery? Look at heart disease… alcohol is a suspect for sure, but so is sugar (diabetes), smoking, lack of exercise, and Lord knows, fast food. Do you take care of your temple by abstaining from Mickey D’s and God’s own, Chick-fil-A?

Or don’t stop there, raise your Bible to premarital sex… have you engaged in that debate? We all know Christians are as guilty as the next guy, all hanky-panky with each other, and justifying it all the while. Then there’s war… all that killing. Boycot soldiers because the Bible says to “love one another”? Tell that to the wrong person. Or dig into movies, TV, and YouTube — all that slutty material not suited for your mind. “Avoid the appearance of evil”, “Bad company corrupts good morals”, and a list of other verses that should convict you NOT to watch anything on TV or in the theater. But I bet you’re guilty. Gluttony? I love this one… southern fried chicken and pie eating-preachers condemning the bottle at a hefty 300 lbs. Really?! I mean, who doesn’t love a good buffet? Am I right? Can I get an Amen?

So rather than going on, allow me to say that alcohol is not something that you need — setting aside the medical studies that show drinking a glass of red wine daily reduces the risk of MANY diseases — it’s not something you have to try, and there’s certainly a Biblical argument against drunkenness; however, soap box discussions about “the Bible says it, that settles it, whether we agree with it or not” shows such a great deal of ignorance, and will forever close the door on your opportunities to converse and share the gospel. And Lord pity you if you’re wrong, preaching opinion as fact — such a stupid move. The American Christian will forever find solitude in the “wisdom of man”, while believing he speaks for God. It’s better to engage in informed dissent — the sharing of ideas, while accepting another’s ideas as valid for them — learning, growing and experiencing, allowing the Lord to work through you, and not in spite of you.”

But seriously… can I get an amen?


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