Occasionally, but not often enough, I share my thoughts about life — personal and professional (which tie so closely together). Being a deep thinker, and often accused of “over communicating”, I find it best to record my thoughts in order to further reflect and share. You don’t have to agree — and quite frankly I enjoy informed dissent — but you shouldn’t judge either. We all have something to offer from our individual perspective and life experiences. Be it our education (or lack thereof), relationships, chosen career (or the job we hate — could be the same), unforeseen obstacles, and wrenches we throw into our own engines, there are many events, both here on earth and cosmic that shape us and our paradigm. Embrace it — own it. Be you and learn to appreciate those that walk a different path. And when you meet others along the road, be kind, listen, and know that diversity is far better than living among the clones.

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