Lack of progress

Lack of progress

It’s official – I’m not getting things done fast enough.

It’s amazing, to actually look ahead, into an “open” month, feeling the freedom to accomplish the most amazing tasks…then suddenly, like a speeding car out of control, I’m fighting for every second of my day to correct my steering and stay true to the road under me. Sure, when bedtime rolls around I’m safely in bed, pondering the chaotic events that demanded my attention while I attempted to navigate the details of my daily travel, but I fear, for good reasons, that tomorrow holds more road-weary struggles. It’s amazing I accomplish…well, anything.

Much of my personal anguish comes from the fact that I don’t ever have enough time to read. Me? Read? It is quite an interesting statement, seeing that I was always the kid that did a book report on a book that was either adapted to the screen, or written as a result of the film’s success – and that I always, by coincidence, had seen the film. With a book report, details (such that change from book to film) didn’t seem to matter. And I always got an ‘A’. Imagine that.

The books I like to read, however, are now ABOUT filmmaking, not of the film itself – save a screenplay (or many). I cannot consume information on directing, screenwriting, casting, agents, writing for TV, financing film, marketing (well, maybe marketing), or the whole process of making movies and producing for TV fast enough. I hunger, with a passion, to know more every day. I’m like a starving man, upon receiving my 8-book order from Amazon, and can’t stand the thought of having to wait till “supper” to sit and read one after the other. It’s sad, really, to be such a book geek.

On the flip side..”History has shown that knowledge is the key to success.  Whether it is embraced or rejected, knowledge of the game equals power on the playing field, and the men who have shaped the world have always known that.” – Michael Flocker, The Metrosexual (Nevermind where I found that quote)

I want that power on the Hollywood playing fields, I want to be a man who shapes the world. “Give me more time,” I beg to the Lord in heaven, “more time each day to consume the knowledge that will make me a powerful player within an industry in need of change!”


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