Finishing what you started

Finishing what you started

Off to bed after a long day of ‘finish work’.  You know, the stuff that keeps getting pushed aside during a project, that lingers in boxes months (or years) after you move, the last step in the process of completing whatever it is that you started when the thrill of tackling the project fueled you — yeah, that stuff.  I never do the finish work well.

Life is like that for me; well, not in everything (wink).  Coming to that place where the push to be finished runs out of fuel before I drive that last nail.  It’s the inside molding on the front door that went missing for nearly 18 months before I couldn’t stand the sight of it another minute.  It’s the sunroom that started as a weekend project and saw years pass before it was done.  It’s the laundry room sink I buy for Mother’s Day that becomes half a Christmas gift. Or how about the kitchen floor that produced a hole when the old baseboard heaters were removed and now is a targeted location for floor trash.  It’s anything that needs ‘one more thing’ done to it in order to feel truly accomplished.  It’s my story, because I never was a good closer.

I’ll continue to work on finishing what I start, but for now I’m finishing this post to prove it can be done.


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