Emotions in motion

Emotions in motion

Feeling something, anything, brings life to the stagnant. Be it anger or joy, pain, love, fear, rage, passion, et cetera, et cetera, we are alive when we experience emotions. Ah, and the beauty of it all. Yet often, out of that emotion-full life, comes expression. We CHOOSE to express out of our emotion. There is no quota, no rules, that state emotional expression is a must, or even beneficial, but we seem to find a certain comfort when we express – it is our emotions in motion. That motion to express and share with those surrounding us is a mixed blessing; and that mix of emotional release and potential pain for others is a challenge we all face.

Now I don’t suggest a suppressive emotional experience, although a little tact in expression is advised, but I would recommend emotional motion in a safe place – say, a private room, or the car – at least at first, in order to work the emotion down to it’s core level. Once initial expression has resolved, it is then that true emotional release can begin.

When your emotions are in motion, it’s important to take that journey in order to obtain or release whatever is necessary for healing. Shared emotional motion is not always a bad thing, but it requires a relationship rooted in trust and patience, leveraging love against feelings.


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