Easier to give up

Easier to give up

Why am I seeing more “Christian” parents with awful children? A blunt and straight question. And why does it seem easier for those “Christian” parents to focus on evangelism outside the home when their own children give Believers a bad name? What’s the pull to “reach the lost”, while their own family suffers under carnal oppression?

I say start in the home.

I have eight – children, that is – four of which we adopted. While we probably drop the Parenting Ball more often than we’d like to admit, I still believe we are heading in the right direction: Train your children to serve the Lord their God so that they may be light and salt for others. Simple? Apparently not. Otherwise, I believe Christians would have the best behaved and well-mannered children around, and the rest of the world would take notice. I’m not talking the long denim skirts, button-up shirts, never speak unless spoken to, 15-passenger van full kid (“not that there’s anything wrong with that”), just the everyday child who understands that authority comes from God. Is it too much to ask Christian parents to drive this point home?

I attribute much of my parenting to my mom and the Marine Corps. Mom showed me how to walk by faith, while the USMC taught me that “discipline is instant and willing obedience to all lawful orders and respect for authority.” I value each day that I require that level of discipline as my children see me walk by faith.


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