Dining on the elephant

Dining on the elephant

Overwhelmed? Join the team. These days it’s so much easier to feel overburdened by the growing list of personal obligations – let alone, business/professional responsibilities. Accomplish one thing, anything, then turn around to find 20 more vying for its place. It’s a vicious cycle.

How do we manage so many time-enfeebling duties? How do we construct a plan that will weaken life’s gravity and rise to soar through wishful goals? Is it possible to sunder these shackles, yet maintain our duties? All good questions waiting on an answer – an answer that will free us.

But seriously, I have too much to do – or so it feels that way. Personal responsibilities of home-ownership, children, a business to run – all worthwhile and meaningful, even enjoyable (at times), but each taking its toll on my hectic schedule. I long to walk into my office one day, free to focus on MY desired task, free to be driven toward MY article of choice. And yet, even on the path from home to office I am shouldered with seemingly minimalistic obligations that beckon for my time and energy. I’m taxed, I’m tired, I’m still getting my head around the time change. I’m looking for a way to rule my 168 blocks of time each week, maximizing personal goals. I have so much to accomplish, yet when I look back over last week’s achievements I shudder at the state of chaos and despair over the week ahead. What am I doing wrong?


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