Truth & Justice

Truth & Justice is a faith-friendly cop-drama

Marcus Williams is a city detective who is unwillingly thrust into a partnership with Pastor Samuel Gray to solve a gang-related shooting. As the mismatched duo begin their journey, they soon discover the incident is part of something bigger, and catching the killer means stopping an all-out gang war. Through the investigation, Marcus and Samuel both learn that saving lives means learning to work together in this buddy-cop drama.

Truth & Justice stars Kevin Nichols, Chris Cleveland, and Jen Lilley. It is directed by Marc A Hutchins and produced by Marc A Hutchins and Bill Dewhurst.

Truth & Justice is produced by Alexander Films and was shot in Roanoke, VA. It is released both domestically and internationally. You can find it on Amazon streaming and select online retailers.

NOTE: Truth & Justice was originally produced as Crossing Streets, and is released domestically as Crossing Streets on the streaming service Pure Flix.

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