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Yet another complaint against the MPAA. Why? Because they are holding ground against foul, violent, and sexual material in films.

“An NC-17 rating?!” cries the filmmakers and distributors, “What about my freedom of speech?” Pleeease, if I had a nickel…

My response to the “filmmaker” who pushes that envelope:

One would think that shamelessly anchoring a film in overtly graphic content could, perhaps, raise some concern for audiences around the world. But more importantly — what’s the point?! Why is it necessary to dip so low into the depravity of humanity in an effort to “entertain”? Really — as if simply telling a story about mankind sans visually depicting our darkest faults wasn’t enough. I know you think that wallowing in the mire will bring you some publicity — and it will — but what it won’t bring you is perspective. Perspective is the “big picture”, it’s standing up and looking around. Perspective is walking through a playground, watching the innocence of the children as they play. Perspective is witnessing the birth of a child, holding her close, and promising to protect her — always. Perspective is putting aside your “rights” as a filmmaker in order to take up a cause that is so much greater. Perspective means giving more than you take.

Telling stories should not be about pushing limits, or vying for negative attention, but rather it should be about moving people. You can shape thinking, challenge, humor, scare, or a number of other emotional combinations, but in the end, you’re still simply telling a story. Set aside the need to punish mankind for it’s ill and disgusting behavior, and choose instead to celebrate who we can potentially become.

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Why the “Christian” film?

“Your art will always express your philosophy. And so naturally, and intentionally, your faith in Jesus would inform your art. It affects how you talk about things, not necessarily what you talk about.” – Bob Kilpatrick

Beautiful quote! Probably the best I’ve seen in reference to the Christian artist. Probably my best argument NOT to produce “Christian films”.

The ever-pondered “do you make Christian films” question wears me down. Why? Because, what else would I do? Oh! You mean make films that wrap around some Sunday morning message? Films that look like a celluloid sermon? Well then, NO! Why prostitute my artistic talents to propagandize the Gospel? Seriously.

My artistic gift – if I may be so bold – is to tell stories; to tell stories about things that people care about and can relate to. Those stories may be of love or pain, loss, fear, and failure or of heroes and villains, underdogs, or cheeseburgers. They may be romantic comedies, family dramas, horror, sci-fi, or westerns. Might be a period piece, set in space, or shot down the road, modern day. Doesn’t matter. The fact is, my “faith in Jesus (will) inform (my) art” and ” it affects how (I) talk about things.” It’s that simple. I don’t need to “construct” some message to woo the audience, tagging the “big point” with mood music – at least not for Jesus – I’ll leave that for the Sunday Morning Producers. I’d much rather allow my audience to see Jesus as they develop a relationship with me through my films. It’s my opinion that the Lord can and will be revealed through my art as my art expresses my philosophy. No need to manufacture my version of the Gospel.

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