Bored to someone else’s death

Bored to someone else’s death

I understand constructing something. Building in order to create is a passion I share with millions of others. Whether it be something of brick and mortar or something with ones and zeros, the ability to fashion a finished… anything is an impressive goal.

Yet, there are yings to my yang — the bad people — those that deconstruct for the sake of destroying what others have worked to create. The deconstruction process — in and of itself — is not a bad thing, but the unrequested malicious destruction of what someone else has toiled to build is just plain mean. Let alone the time it took to construct, the shear disappointment of a project lost is heart wrenching.

These people (more like, animals) — what are they thinking? What courses through their veins that beckons them to target and destroy? What promises await them in the post-devastation? Who rewards them? Surely, there most be something motivating them beyond the simple notion to spite others. Surely.

All the same, I will rebuild. Taking refuge in the fact that I have more tolerance for foolishness than they have for wisdom.


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