A birthday for Mom

A birthday for Mom

The children made cards for their mom this year (typical of most birthdays), however, Rachael went a step further and wrote a poem. So without further delay, enjoy:

The biggest job in the world by far
It is also very hard
Yet rewarding all the same
It’s exciting, and rarely lame

She has to be a hair stylist and cook
She has to read a lot of books
Not only to her kids for fun
But to learn how, until the job is done

She’s a secretary, librarian, and a nurse
She has to carry a huge purse
In the purse, she has THE BRAIN
It keeps her life in a single lane

One of her biggest jobs is to teach
And she also loves the beach
Swim in the ocean, ride the bikes
It is something she really likes

Her favorite food is Chinese
She says, “Oh, Howard, please!”
So they go down to China Wok
Eat some rice, and have a talk

She’s in love with Daddy, it is true
And she makes good potato stew
She is also very cheap
She picks up furniture off the street

Paul says, “For ailments, take some wine”
So she does, when she has the time
She loves coffee very much
And she’s a fan of cream and such

We love her so much, we cannot deny
Especially when she makes us apple pie


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