Husband / Father / Filmmaker / Author / Professor / Communicator / Visionary / Believer​

There was a day when Marc doubted himself, when he wondered if his success was as elusive as the unicorn. Not that Marc believed in unicorns, but honestly, just because you never met one doesn’t mean it’s not real. Still, success felt like that — something distant, a strange notion that might be nothing more than an idea. Like the unicorn. Marc realized that whereas some folks experience success like a flash bomb, others will only find it through a patient and unrelenting pursuit. And clearly, Marc’s journey was the latter. Still is.

Marc isn’t a self-proclaimed life coach, although he’s had his share of life experiences to pass on. He isn’t running for office, taking a stab at electoral fame. He isn’t asking for money, although he wouldn’t turn some down. No, Marc is simply using what he claims are his God-giving talents and creating entertainment — entertainment of the family variety; entertainment that is unlike most of what’s flooding the market these days. His goal is to provide media that the family can rally around. Be it a film or TV/streaming series, novel, podcast, blog, or combination, Marc simply loves to create. He also loves to collaborate — the fuel that really fires up his development engine. Working with other creatives is, in Marc’s grounded opinion, the thing that makes something good become great.

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So join the party and see where “success” takes Marc.