The option of failure

Let’s face it — we all fail. Say it with me, “We all fail.” Shame on your pride-stricken self if you didn’t say it — and it’s not about the “I’m a winner” mentally like you tell yourself. The fact that we fail means something important.

I actually heard a great line in a movie just the other day — “You learn from experiences, which are mostly bad choices.” We all make them — bad choices — and we all fall down and are forced to rise again. That doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human, it makes you real. The beauty in failing is in picking yourself back up again, dusting off the pride, and humbling yourself — that’s the “I’m a winner” talk you should be spouting. To learn from your poor choices and quick temper makes you more capable of being used by God. And to be used by Him makes you a winner.