Moving forward

Today I made a decision – a decision to leave the fear and doubt, voices of the past, echoing insecurity and loneliness.  Instead, I choose to believe that my life has more meaning and purpose than I have ever allowed myself to see.  Today I will stand, shaking off the garments weighed down with uncertainty and wrap myself in a garment saturated with faith.  For if I am ever going to be the man that God has been preparing me to be, then now is the time to be transformed by the utter and complete renewing of my mind.  To see things as the Lord gives me eyes to see, I must embrace a faith walk – a way so narrow, and often so dark, that the only light will come from knowing that He holds me straight and true.  It is a journey that will take me along difficult choices, relational challenges, and opportunities to jump ship and drown; however, I will hold fast to the truth that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Lord prepare me, for here I come.