For the love of God…

Why else do we do anything — anything at all? Seriously, if not for the Love of God, then for what?

This is a concept that my children lay hold of. They ask why people feel a need to do… well, anything, if they aren’t working toward something greater than themselves — the reference, concerning an individuals fundamental relationship with Christ. Even as children they understand that these are no random events, no whirling eddies, that comprise life’s daily dose of living. Even as children they see a Creator that has breathed purpose into an otherwise purposeless existence.

For the Love of God is the very reason I have the motivation to reach deep into my gift bag for forgiveness, and mercy, and faith, and hope, and love. His Love wakes my otherwise complacent and apathetic, often seemingly lifeless and meager, adventures. Without Him, without His Love, I walk in vain — and I am not one to do anything in vain. Therefore I embrace that Love.